Jewellery Care

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Sterling Silver remains tarnish free so long as it's being worn, though over time a soft matte patina forms on the outside. Regular cleaning is advised to keep the shine. 

Different features require different care. Here are our recommendations:

Blackened Silver

High points on blackened pieces will naturally revert back to their silver shine overtime, but colour in the crevices will remain. Reduce water exposure and the colour will be sustained for longer.

Matte Silver

Matte, or 'pickled' silver will reveal its natural shine overtime. Reduce hitting pickled pieces on surfaces to maintain its matte finish, as silver will naturally polish through abrasion.

Crevice pieces

Silver pieces with crevices should not be exposed to lotions, creams, or other cosmetics, as trapped products in the hidden fractures will cause a buildup of bacteria and dirt. 

For sterling silver pieces with shiny finishes, we recommend using a brass brush under running water to manually clean your item.

Refrain from brushing gemstones, as they will scratch, and blackened or matte silver, as their respective finishes will be impacted.

General Care

It is recommended to place unworn pieces inside a cool dark place or airtight container to prevent oxidisation. 

Extra care should be given to pieces with gems as all are susceptible to scratches and shattering.


All pieces are made to order, and so variation is natural. Due to this personalised creation process, every piece will exhibit its own unique characteristics. The ring you receive will be akin to the one pictured, but with slight variations in the texture and contours that make it truly one-of-a-kind.